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PAV Design Lab, founded in 2021, is an Architecture and Design Studio based in India. The growing studio now has its offices in Jaipur, Noida, Meerut, and Narsinghpur.

PAV offers its design services in Architecture, Interior, Urban, Sculptures, and Objects. We also provide our services for aspiring Students and Architects too who seek to implement and execute their productive change-making ideas.

Behind this is the team's principle of creating architecture that respects the socio-cultural aspects of society. This thought is led by contrasting ideas of founding partners, who are rich in 3 different fields and create a unique and ideal solution to contemporary architectural and urban issues in all regions.

From the beginning of the creative process, our highly collaborative, research-based design strategy incorporates clients, stakeholders, and experts from a variety of sectors. The result is a series of outstanding, outspoken projects that help our society progress toward a better future.



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Adit Gupta


Team PAV

"Elevating possibilities together: Our cohesive team, fueled by passion and innovation, is committed to crafting excellence."

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Amang Singh



Himanshu Sharma


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Simran Saini

Interior Designer


Titas Sen Gupta




Facility Manager



We live in a world with constant multiple mental and physical forces affecting our daily behaviors and actions. We live by such provocations (positive and negative) that indirectly or directly become a part of how we shape our inner soul and outer reality. Yet, we are in a constant urge to find one such positive provocative energy in our lives where our inner forces are resolved. But what are these provocations?

Provocations do not have a central definition. It is a subjective property of each individual defined by their cultural and traditional backgrounds, which also makes it temporal in nature. Such temporal nature of provocations, we live by, affects a person’s perspective towards what is good or bad, rich or poor, detailed or incomplete, yin or yang.

To us, Architecture, Art and Music are all positive provocations that deflates negative provocations like media, politics, and economics present within our sphere of energy. Provocative design hereby, makes a socio-cultural statement. It tries to answer the socio-cultural challenges of society by identifying its need and its want. 

These positive provocations orchestrate life’s delicate, beautiful chaos. They are always in rigid connection with humans mind and soul which always play a key role in the creation of people-friendly designs. We find such counter-provocations in my designs that allow the spaces to challenge the psychological and physiological needs of a human experiencing that space. 

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